Public Art

Orpheus by Jeffery Laudenslager

April 28, 2021  

Kinetic Sculpture Donated to the City of Encinitas

A gift to the city from Encinitas Friends of the Arts

Encinitas, CA. The first piece of public art in the City of Encinitas’ Sculpture Installation Program has been donated to the city. Orpheus, a kinetic sculpture installed at the K Street Parkway in 2018 in downtown Encinitas is located at 1134 S. Coast Hwy. Encinitas, CA 92024. The artwork has been on loan to the city and was recently acquired by Encinitas Friends of the Arts. The soaring 20’ tall sculpture, made from titanium and stainless steel, was created by renowned Encinitas artist Jeffery Laudenslager. Propelled by air and wind currents, the sculpture creates unlimited shapes and forms.

“Public art enhances the environment and complements the lifestyle of its citizens. It gains in significance when the work is created by a local artist,” said Naimeh Woodward, President of Encinitas Friends of the Arts. “It is appropriate that this large-scale sculpture will welcome all to our city for years to come.” 

The funds to install and purchase the sculpture were raised by Encinitas Friends of the Arts, its  donors, and donations received in memory of Ann and Tom Sergott. 

The mission of Encinitas Friends of the Arts is to partner with the City of Encinitas by fundraising and advocating for the cultural arts in Encinitas and for city-owned arts venues. Established by the City of Encinitas Commission for the Arts in 2014, the nonprofit works to elevate arts and culture by presenting cultural programs, provide arts education for youth, and public art. For more information or to make a donation, please visit:


Art can bring its viewers joy, surprise, stimulation, and reflection in a way that is unique to a specific place. The arts can actually be an integral part of the “branding” of our city. It should  honor local tradition and/or history while illuminating the City’s aspirations. As such EFA is pleased to supports the efforts of the local artists, community based arts organization and City of Encinitas Division for the Arts in establishing public art policy while integrating art into the public spaces through advocacy and fundraising activities.

The funding of 6 pedestals for temporary display of sculptures was advocated by the EFA and the first of these pedestals was funded entirely by the EFA.

EFA is also pleased to advocate for public art through murals and through Paint Encinitas Project have been able to advocate and support the murals displayed through out the community.